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Voirin Foundation

The Voirin Foundation is a non-profit foundation under the Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501 (c)(3). A publicly supported organization Section 509 (a)(2).


Julio Voirin, Augustina Voirin, Alice Johnson.

Foundation Purposes:

  • To award scholarships in music and theology
  • To lend violins, violas, cellos and bows, which were donated to the "Voirin Foundation," to gifted young students who cannot afford to buy them.
  • To the publishing and world wide distribution in several languages of the book, "Are you Catholic... Are You Sure?"
  • To encourage and to support missionary outreach to the ends of the world.

Julio C. Voirin

Julio C Voirin

Julio Voirín was born in Argentina. He has been one of the most remarkable violinists around the world. He's also a Luthier, violin expert in the evaluation, certification and restoration of fine string instruments, profession that made him a collector of fine rare violins, violas, cellos and bows.

Julio is a professor; author of The Method, the easiest, fastest and most enjoyable violin method. He's the father of two concert violinist daughters, one concert violist and one concert cellist. Seven grandchildren are playing violin and one the cello.

Mr. Voirin has also been an orchestra conductor and choir director. Besides his passion for music and composing, Julio has been a researcher for the past fifty years of the Sacred Scriptures, the Bible.

“I judge no one; I cannot. Why? Because I'm powerless to impose sentence.

‘If there is a judge who can be feared, he is the one who has the power to enforce punishment for a crime committed in this life.

‘The ultimate judge to be feared is the only one who has full power to enforce the death penalty for everlasting time, with no probation and no appeals.

‘I want to believe that you don't want to meet Him as your judge, although many, like it or not, will!

‘My wish and hope is that you will want to meet Him as your ONLY God, and your ONLY Savior!”
“...our exhortation (in this book) as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the Gospel is

  • Not for pleasing men.
  • Not for flattering.
  • Not for greediness.
  • Not for seeking praises.
  • Not for fame and glory."  –1 Thessalonians 2:3-6

In HIS love,

Julio Signature

Julio C. Voirin.

Other Publications (Spanish)

La Verdad: ¿Quien la Tiene?

©2007 Julio Voirin
"¡Qué contribución monumental! Es un libro para aquellos que necesitan responder biblica e inteligentemente a las falsas doctrinas de Roma."
Nilson de Amarai Fanini, Pastor de la Primera Iglesia Bautista de Niteroi, Brasil. Expresidente de la Alianza Bautista Mundial.

De Vino a Sangre, de Pan a Carne

©2011 Julio Voirin
Selecciones del Libro: "La Verdad ¿Quien la Tiene? (©2007 Julio Voirin)
"Una nueva manera de presentar el evangelio a aquellos que lo necesitan desesperadamente"
Dr. Page Patterson, Presidente del Seminario Teológico del Sudoeste de los los E.U.