You Sure You Are Catholic?

You Are Catholic...

...if you believe Jesus is glorified through a blody image still hunging on the cross.Read More

You Are Catholic...

...if you made the rosary to Mary the redeption of your sins.Read More

You Are Catholic...

...if you believe there is healing power on the images and candles sold by the church.Read More

You Are Catholic...

...if you believe the priest magically turns the wine into blood.Read More

You Are Catholic...

...if the bread you take from the priest in communion tastes like human flesh.Read More

You Are Catholic...

...if you believe Maria is the Mediator between God and you instead of Jesus.Read More


Do you believe: The word of the Roman Catholic Church as contained in its doctrine or God's Word, is contained in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible?


God does not allow Himself to be untrue to His word, nor does he break His promise to not interfere with the rights He gives to man. Neither should man allow himself to be knocked down, stepped on or exploited, nor made to practice a religion fabricated by men.

God does not impose Himself on anyone

  • to believe in Him or
  • to obey Him.

God honors His promise to man to respect his freedom to choose to believe Him or not, to obey Him or not.

God is making sure that man gets all the information, according to His desire for Him to have, which is

  • God's love for those who choose to believe and to obey Him.
  • God's wrath for hose who choose not to believe and to obey Him.

Based on these principles, I refrain from imposing on anyone what or what not to believe.

Respectfully, humbly and in His love, I sound for you two ringing bells: one, announcing the plan of salvation, according to the World of God, as written in the Bible. And second, the other plan of salvation, according to the word of the Roman Catholic Church, as written in the catechism.

Keep reading with a prayer that the Lord will help you to recognize the truth and to accept it.

“…they received the word with all willingness and examined the Scriptures daily to determine whether these things were so.”

–Luke, Acts 17:11

It has been written so that you may understand that

“…the Lord gives wisdom, from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding. He has counsel in store for the upright.”

–King Solomon, Proverbs 2:6-7

Lets revise the definitions on Knowledge and Wisdom:

Knowledge is the medium to know that two plus two is four (2+2=4). And a degree attesting to that effect can be obtained from an educational institution.

Wisdom is common sense, the least common of all the senses, to know what to do with knowledge. It can be obtained from only one source…God!

Ask God our Lord to give you wisdom, or common sense, to do what you must once you have obtained the knowledge the book “Are You Catholic…Are You Sure?” will provide.

  • To fear God
  • To trust God.
  • To listen to His wisdom.
  • To be full of His wisdom.
  • To have the riches of His wisdom.
  • To love Him.
  • To obey Him.
  • To serve Him.

The author, Mr. Julio C. Voirin, wishes and hopes that you will want to meet Him as your ONLY God, and your ONLY Savior!

Julio Voirin

Julio Voirin

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Are you Catholic? Are you sure?

Do you believe that God so loved the world that he gave the Roman Catholic Church for whosoever believes in her and its religious dogms whall not perish but have everlasting life?